Bring back the Ranger truck

By Joe M.

I'm a Ranger owner and love it. For the past 10 years I've never had a problem but that’s not my concern about Ford trucks. What I miss is the convenience of putting bags of groceries or bags of bark and other garden supplies just over the truck bed rails; The F-150 is too high, I admit the new Ford look good but to me there too big and takes up too much room. I’m holding off for now to buy another truck, but looking at what Chevy is brings out in 2015 looks more to my liking. I know there is a big following for Rangers and the concept truck look really good. I also think what we are look for is convenience and fuel mileage not torque and pulling power and what being offered is marginal at best; again these are my personal options so I’ll wait and lease something in the meanwhile.
Anyway this is my 2 cents
Bruce S 12/08/2013
It be great if Ford came out w/ the Ranger & a Sportrac again, as a body on frame vechicle. Maybe do the Sportrac w/ 4wd only.