Bring back the Pantera

If Ford could buy back the Pantera name and make those again and just have everything underneath basically from a mustang and a new, nice pantera shell. If you can't do that, hell bring back the pinto
John T 06/26/2014
Would be great to see the new Mustang 5.0 engine in a new version of the Pantera.
Jeff D 09/25/2012
A Pantera would be a great idea. Like the success of the GT, a Pantera could be another collector car with limited production.
jt w 09/14/2012
Yes but not the Pantera. A small fiberglass or aluminum 2 seater with a turbo boosted 3.7 V6 with a name that reflects Cobra heritage and yet suggests fuel efficiency and power. I think such a vehicle would be a contender to the Corvette.