Bring back the 2+2 Fastback

Bring back the 2+2 Fastback Mustang. I am a huge Mustang Fan. I have been in automotive sales for almost 20 years , 10 of those years I sold at a Ford Dealer. We always had a Mustang on the showroom floor. Daily I would have customers say if I could get one just like I had back in the day I would and these were the folks that could afford it.They wanted there car there way and they didn't care about the cost. So bring back the 65 Mustang and let folks order them the way they want it.These folks had perfect credit or could write a check for it.When ordering let them pick colors ,options,and etc. have it so they could build it online and be able to print out there completed car with a window sticker.I would call it Mustangs Your Way have your Mustang Your Way.
Michael P 01/21/2013
Sounds expensive, but I really don't understand why we can't make cars that look good anymore. The current mustang is the best we have today, and everyone agrees it doesn't come close the the 'stangs of old.