Bring back crown Victoria!!!!

My idea is that ford company should bring back the crown Victoria with different styles, same body design but three different titles and maybe three different engine type

-1. Crown Victoria /v-6 engine, same engine as the ford Taurus SHO to save gas and also be a powerful engine and affordable

-2. Crown Victoria (marauder) V8 engine maybe a 5.0 because that fast as a mustang. 5.0, they should make a crown Victoria called marauder with a 5.0 because ford made mercury and they don't make it no more and the marauder had a 4.6 v8 cobra engine and I driven one of those cars a 2004 mercury marauder and it was pretty fast :0 that would b cool, but with a different design on the outside and inside. Rivers camera, DVD navigation, usb and aux, more air bags, one subwoofer on the trunk, moonroof/sunroof and a little bit of good scoop and with 21 inch rims sporty look;)

-2.Crown Victoria (grand marquis) a v6 SHO engine or v-8 which ever, make this car a little luxury for like cab drivers or private drivers or limo drivers,
RJH 09/26/2013
Another vote for a full sized, perimeter frame car! V-6 ecoboost would be great. Uni-body, front drive, independent suspension cars do not fit everybodys needs.
Michael P 01/21/2013
I just want something with a traditional frame that will serve the purposes of police everywhere that has a distinctive outline from most angles and a unique headlight arrangement so I can pick out the cops again.