Bring back Bronco 1966-1977 First Generation

I would like to see the design of the First Generation Early Bronco's brought back, with modern technology. My husband and I are extreme Ford Fans and currrently own 5 Fords. We have a 1971 Bronco, 1982 Mustang and then the 3 newer vehicles for our daily drivers. I haven't purchased a new vehicle in years, due to the lack of interest in the new vehicle styles. While my husband loves the new styles of Trucks, I am not finding any of the new Cars or SUV's to my interest. It seems all makes and models of Cars and SUV's are starting to look too similar. I want something unique, fun and with some color. I'd like to see Ford spice things up again, like they use to. I will not leave my Fords, but I will probably buy a used, older style, for the next vehicle I need.

Thank you vey much for taking the time to read my post!

Have a Great Day!
Brandy Vos
Grant 12/22/2013
Honestly. Build the Bronco and kill the FJ! We are begging you. Son of a 30 year Ford employee.
Lewis H 12/20/2013
Build the concept Bronco from 2004 already!!!  What's the hold up?
Isaac 05/07/2013
i love my bronco and would deffinitley consider buying a new one if it was added to the market
Brad Hartman 05/01/2013
Please bring back the bronco!!!!!!! I'm sick of going to the Sema show and Detroit Auto show and seeing Jeep-Jeep-Jeep. I'm sick of going to a rent a Suv and Seeing Jeep-Jeep-Jeep. I'm sick of looking at all the 4x4 mags and seeing nothing but Jeep-Jeep-Jeep. We all can agree that the market is there for a new Bronco and Ford can run with it and make it the King of the Add-On after market. We are begging please show the Jeeps, Range Rovers and the other "off-road" markets what a real bare-bones work horse looks like.