Bottom grille piece for F150 ecoboost

On the front on the F150 w/ ecoboost there is an open area on the bottom of the grille. The lisence plate has been moved over for more air flow. That open area looks ugly!! Ford should at least have an optional grille piece for area.
David B 01/27/2013
Yes, I had the same issue with my F-150. I actually went back to the dealer when I noticed it. I was certain something was missing.
Finally, I found a nice after-market. Just search on "Billet grilles". Ford will probably say it restricts airflow. But it sure does keep rocks away from the heat exchangers.
Heidi 06/07/2012
Agreed! I'm not worried about looks as much as damage though. What's to stop a rock from flying off the road into that hole and piercing my intercooler??
Greg 06/06/2012
We need a solution from FORD!