Boss on the outside, standard model on the inside

I wish you guys would give us all the exterior features of the Boss Mustang on a standard model Mustang. Everyone loves the sporty, muscle car look of the Boss, but no one can afford that! Really the average person doesn't need that high powered engine, transmission. The extra technology is nice but average Americans have to be realistic about their budget. They just want the look on something they can afford. I bet they would sell like crazy. I'd be first in line!
JFarrell 12/10/2012
The Boss look is a badge of honor for those who can harness her power and use it properly. You can go to aftermarket kit websites and order the decals and mounting parts to your car, however if anyone looks inside they will see it is not a true Boss. The Boss is a specialty car as well, generally used for the racing community, they also don't want everyone to have a Boss because they will become a dime a dozen, and less cool. Your mustang already takes the stage today, it would be rubbing in your awesome car even more to have extra car paraphernalia. Keep your regular car your car, and then build for your Boss. But, that's my opinion.