Boomer Series or B-Series

I thought I would share a dream I had one night, in this dream a beautiful car drove up next to me....this car was a little of a 65, 66 and 67 Mustang yet a modern car but with all the old features of this era. It was a beautiful Candy Apple Red, next drove up a truck and another car there were 3 vehicles in this series. They were called the Baby Boomer series or B-Series, 2 cars and a truck from the baby boomer years... 3 vehichles... 2 cars 1 truck each designed using 3 years of the most popular or rememberable models making one modern car like the 65, 66 and 67 Mustang. The Baby Boomers love these old cars so why not have a Special Limited Edition called the Baby Boomers Series! I dreamed about the 65,66,67 Mustang everyone else could come up with the other 2 vehicles!!! Great idea right??