By Luca P.

I have an idea that came to my mind a few days ago ... one of my usual weird ideas .... maybe it would be possible to implement in all models for "ford mustang" a new technology: you might think to build models that mounted on the same chassis, engines but an innovative way of opening doors or through a biometric fingerprint scanner, placed on each handle of "ford mustang" accompanied by a card with details of the person to whom it is addressed the machine. With improvements .. intake of alarms, and finally also from the side starting the vehicle no longer by classic key or key with occupancy sensor to start .. but through another fingerprint scanner biometric place to 'internal interior ... my question is: would it be possible all that I have just described more or less ... look forward to hearing from you soon ... good continuation of work and best regards.
William L 05/14/2013
I think fingerprint scanners are already obsolete tech. Your entry key should be a smartphone app, the ignition key replaced by an in-dash smartphone dock. Enter your security code into your smartphone as you approach it, and the car's built-in wi-fi or bluetooth connects the phone to the car's security cpu; after getting into the car, place the smartphone in the smartphone dock in the dash, and press the start button. If you've had a DUI, sensors in the dash could determine your alcohol blood content (or possibly other controlled substances) by analyzing your breath.