Better Trim Selections

By Alex O.

I think Ford should streamline their lineup by reducing the amount of available trims. There are way too many trims available, most of which don't vary as much as I'd like. Ford should have 4 available trims that are universal throughout all models. Each one offering something distanctly different. I'd like to see the following trims... EL (Entry Level), cheapest trim available, no bells or whistles, low level technology. LE (Luxury Edition), Comfortable seating, finer/more quality interior, mid level technology package. GT (Grand Touring) Performance model, sporty design inside and out, either an ecoboost or 5.0 V8, mid level technology package. KR (King of the Road) Top of the line model, best available technology, all engines available, sports luxury design inside and out. I feel like the gaps between trims should be bigger and more distinctive. I think the F-150 should be the only exception to the 4 universal trims rule. However, it should definitely still be cut down. It does not need 10 different trims! That's ridiculous. 
art h 06/22/2014
I also would like to see better materials used in our cars. Stop with the leather seating serfices and just put leather in the car. Back seats too. Sheesh.