Better Floormats

I recently purchase a 2013 FX2 Sport. Not paying attention to the floormats the came in the truck. I have now owned the truck for 2 weeks and will tell you that these are the poorest excuse for floormat that i've ever seen. I would think that with the great looks of the outside of the truck and the logo and the sleek lines on the inside that floormats would at least cover the area that take the wear on the driver and passenger front floors. Now I'm finding out I can't even buy mats with the trucks logo on them. I anyone knows where I can buy a set of front mats with the FX2 logo please let me know.

Good Luck Claude! I bought a 2013 Fusion Hybrid and saw the same thing with those pitiful mats,,, Come on Ford you can do better than this Where can we purchase full size mats???