Bench Seat

By Sam A.

With the demise of the Crown Vic, and Grand Marquis there is no longer a front bench seat available in full sized cars. I currently have a Cadillac DTS and would give it up in an instant if I could find a Ford product which would feature a 'real bench front seat'. Modern bucket seats are to confining and lack the comfort and spaciousness of the conventional full bench seat(not the 40/20/40....a real bench seat!) I really like the Taurus and would love to see an optional bench seat, with no space consuming console.
Thanks, Sam Abear
Johann S 01/26/2013
The front bench seat of a Yukon SUV is nice, so is the front bench seat of the old Buick Centuries. A family car like the Taurus would be wonderful with a front bench seat. Especially if it was a station wagon. Even the Flex or Explorer would work too.
Royce C 12/15/2012
I totally agree.
The console is very confining.
I switched from a Buick Le Sabre to a Taurus. I'm tempted to go back.