Beat Out The Hamsters

By Tim R.

Transit Connect is ripe for packages that could compete with the KIA Soul for market share. Some more interior "finish" packages and more sound system choices would be an easy way to a youth market. The current interiors are very utilitarian and wouldn't be a major cost factor to finish out. I know the primary market is as a fleet vehicle, but in this economy, it wouldn't take much to be competitive.
Brad B 07/09/2012
Hey Tim R ! I agree, you I and alot of others would love to see our humble TC get a face-lift and a few options from that 'ole Ford-O-Matic options catalog make their way across. I'd like to see, alloy wheels, sat radio, daytime running lights, a power door lock button, and yes maybe some better seats. But ! No third row seats, unless they can be completely removed. Shoot, I'll give a hint at my age, how about a Country Squire model.