Basic no-frills vehicles

For the economy-minded, and for the customizing crowd, I'd like to see the return of some basic vehicles- for example, something like the Army MB jeep that Ford produced in WW2, with updated mechanicals, of course, like FWD-based AWD/4WD, 2.5L inline OHV 4 or 3.7L OHV V6, 5 speed manual transmission and independent suspension and disc brakes. Make them all the same except for color (to allow for customization).

Or a very basic pickup truck, like the 1949 F1- with manual transmission, but with FWD-based AWD or 4WD, longitudinal 3.7L OHV V6 or 5L OHV V8, disc brakes and minimal frills (but very customizable). Make them all the same except for color.

Maybe a basic no-frills front engine RWD roadster (I'm thinking similar to a Triumph TR6), with a 3.5L OHC inline 6, and 5 or 6-speed manual transmission only. Call this a "commuter car." Make them all the same, except for color.

As for sedans- think Checker Marathon: reliable, durable, rugged. V6 or V8, manual or automatic transmission, 4-door sedan or wagon only. To keep production costs low, this can be transverse engine with FWD. Make them all the same except for color.

All of the above only in available in glossy white, grey, and tan, and primary and secondary colors.
John B 01/14/2014
Would be nice for a farm truck which doesn't need power windows door locks, mp3, sirus, etc.
Devin F 05/21/2013
good idea for the young driver or has plans to learn to like me. and have them both models come out on 2015 and the price be around $15.000 k-$20.000