Base Truck for Basic People

I want a manual transmission in a new truck.  Basic features such as manual windows, manual side mirrors and manual shifting with a basic AM/FM radio are good enough for me.  Modern conveniences like A/C are much needed in today's time, however not having the option to choose whether I can have a manual transmission is very discerning.  This doesn't have to be an option across the board, but perhaps only for the base models along with the option to choose whether it has a V8 or V6.  Driving a manual shift vehicle is in my opinion more fun then pushing on the accelerator to go.  There must be a way for you to market a truck with the mentioned above topics.  Why do you have manual transmission as an option for other vehicles in your line up, but not for a truck.  Isn't a truck supposed to be more utilitarian? 
John B 01/14/2014
Great idea I have a Community of mennonites here and they don't like all the options myself I need utilitarian rugged just what Ford have always been.
J. Walton 09/19/2013
Yes, good idea!   Utilitarian.   And please make a small, Light Duty truck for those of us who just want to pick up a couple of bales of hay or a yard of compost.  Help the small working person. And help clean up our air.