back to the future

How about we make a Pick-Up that is amazingly simple and inexpensive?

Literally - the cheapest, least powered, simplest (able to be repaired and maintained by the owner with common tools, even though that will screw the dealerships), three passenger vehicle.

No extended cab, no "required" options like heated seats, cd players with 12 speakers, no tricky fancy crap that is not absolutely required to get the truck rolling.

Something that the bottom of the line working people can afford to buy brand new, (although that will screw the dealerships also).

The (according to your current ideas, underpowered) new F150 will easily meet higher mileage standards by having a super simple low horse power engine.

Take this idea and let the college people who are already thinking about the next $1,000 option to be added work on it. Be sure to redirect those that don't understand the concept of low power, or cheap and simple.

Simple means reliable and inexpensive.

Trust me - if you offer the working people an inexpensive reliable truck, you will kick the other truck manufacturers ass.


PS - screw my punctuation!
Marcus I 03/03/2014
Ford has been kicking the other manufacturers proverbial backside in Trucks for the past 120 years! Don't presume that they want to stop building the trucks that the market is demanding, but government regulations are demanding the opposite. The government regulations for vehicles are constantly increasing. New emissions mandates, T.P.M.S., fuel economy, airbags, seatbelts, etc. The truck you are describing cannot meet these government regulations for the precise reason that the regulations are neither "simple" nor "serviceable." For Congress and the regulatory committees, public safety is more important than public happiness in this respect. Ford just takes the blame.