Automatic Transmission in Shelby

By Ray B.

Please put an automatic transmission in the Shelby GT 500. I have had many knee surgeries and cannot use a clutch. Last year i bought a GT/CS Convertible with an automatic transmission and it is great. I had it modified with a 624 HP Supercharger and it has some other modifications so it is close to a Shelby, but it is not a Shelby and that is what I really wanted. If you ahd an automatic transmission in the Shelby, I would trade in my GT/CS and get it. I want top of the line convertible in Black on Black. I want all the goodies with it including GPS and sound system, etc.. Please consider an automatic in the Shelby! I know a lot of people who would buy one.
Jim L 03/11/2014
I absolutely agree that Ford should offer an automatic Shelby. Come on it boils down to economics and customer service to offer what the market place desires. Let's get off the purist idea that manual transmissions are only for high performance vehicles. If Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Camero ZL1, SRT'S, Nissan GT-R Track Edition, can make the leap to an automtaic what's wrong with Shelby...can't make it happen Ford??? Prove it is possible and I bet they will fly off the shelves. I for one would buy and I believe there are many others who would join me as well. In the meantime will continue to look elsewhere.
David F 01/30/2013
It would cost a pretty penny, but they can already change it for you in Las Vegas. If you aren't in Nevada you could always hire some other very reliable Mechanic to transform your Cobra into an automatic. Personally I think it seems a little silly, I mean there are plenty of other automatic Mustangs.