auto bench front seat

By Aire B.

How about bringing back the front bench seat(in the Taurus and other mid sized products), vice the engulfing bucket seats.  For adults who have to move around when they drive or ride(arthritis sufferers, circulations problems), the 'buckets' are so confining and restrictive of any significant movement. For years bench seats and lap/shoulder belts provided as much 'safety' as needed for most of us.  We've let the 'nanny state' dictate how we must comply with the ideas of government people who often 'don't have a clue'.  (ie....Exploding air bags should be an optional item, as the noise and polution of the gasses therein are cause for ear damage and respiratory problems). Ford has done a good job thus far resisting some of the useless, questionable 'safety suggestions' of the federal government and hopefully you can continue; that's what brings me to Ford products.