australian falcon convertible

By Greg F.

Australia has been starved for a convertible. Falcon appears to need a rebirth to survive. I know that convertibles are more difficult & expensive to buiid but it would sell. Look to the past to see the future, Zephur, Anglia, Sunliner, Thunderbird, Mustang and oh so many more. Look how many Aussies are importing old cars to have a convertible. The modern covertible is as convienient as a sedan. No wind leaks, no waterleaks & no body rattles. Ford can pull on the roof technoligy learnt from the Volvo V70, XK Jaguar & Aston Martin. Henry once said that there was nothing wrong with the T people had just stopped buying it. He was prepaired to "flog a dead horse" Edsel said "Time to move on" and built the "A" it saved the day. Please learn from the past to improve the future.