Assembly Line Photo

I have ordered a 2011 Mustang and just found out from the dealer that my car will start down the assembly line on November 29th. It would really be special to have a picture of it rolling off the line as it first moves under its own power. The picture could be placed in the glove box with its other documentation. For the future it would really be cool to have strategically placed web cameras that would allow someone to follow the build of their car.
KEVEN ZIEGELT 03/26/2011
This would be really cool.My wife thinks I am crazy for wanting to get a tour of the truck plant the day my new truck is being built. This would be more realistic as opposed to going to Detroit or Kansas.
KEVEN ZIEGELT 03/26/2011
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tom Keyser 01/17/2011
I think you have the start of a great idea. Why not take it to the next step and with a small additional fee you could drive it off the line yourself. I think this should be available especially to special editions like the Shelbys and the Bosses.