So then you are planning on purchasing a 30000 dollar car or more and want to personalize it to your specifications but wait you can't p. for example with all the fusion titaniums you can't order the leather in dune!!! And are restricted to have keyless go what if you don't want that what I'm asking ford todo is make the titanium more customizable!!!
Steve G 04/06/2013
I live in a hot climate. Black interior is not an option. That blocked the Titanium from consideration. Well, so did the cheesy looking spoiler. The rest of the package would have made it to my short list -- although knowing what I know now after a month with My Ford Touch in the SE, that might have eliminated the Titanium as well...
RON K 03/31/2013
I purposely avoided the Titanium as I did not want all the tech as standard nor the ridiculous spoiler out back. I swear that when I was building my SE on line back in January the Sony upgrade was available. As it turned out I was offered what was in stock and settled on an SE with the options I wanted and a few extra including the Sync and MFT. I'm very DISAPPOINTED Ford elected to skip HD radio in this configuration. If this is a ploy to get me to subscribe to Sirrius after my trial period, I think not. HD radio should have been a given....
Andrew S 03/28/2013
Shhhh. There are those of us with $50k Taurus SHO's who got a incredible choice of black seats or gray seats. Be happy you have black seats. Also, !!!! exclamation points.
Calen K 02/20/2013
Although I agree about the Interior color's of the top trim Fusion (2.0T, Hybrid & Energi) I do NOT however agree that you should be able to downgrade other features that happen to be exclusive to the Titanium Trim. If anything they should offer some of the extra features as upgrades to the SE model...
Paul V 02/15/2013
Titanium interior: "any color, as long as it's black". If I'm going to pay $40K for a Fusion Energi Titanium, shouldn't I have more color choices, rather than fewer than the cheaper SE model? I really do not want a black interior, but the Sony radio upgrade is not an option on the SE model.