Allow purchase of all options for all models

By Mark R.

At present, there are many options for each car that are not available on all models. For example

1) Fusion: if I want all wheel drive, I cannot get it with the S or SE models, but have to buy the Titanium model.

2) Escape: if I want the hands-free liftgate, I cannot get it with the S or SE models, but have to buy the SEL or Titanium models.

Thus, in order to get something I want, I have to spend a lot of money on stuff that I do NOT want. If you want to increase you sales, allow customers to buy every option for every model then give a "package discount" for buying a model in which a set of options are included.
john p 03/09/2014
This is a case of Ford leaving money on the table. Yes it would increase the number of special orders, but it would also allow the dealers to sell what features are popular in their area. If nothing else, considering the current electonics they could offer additional features through the purchase of a feature key. As an example, if you wanted a "sport" cluster for your Fusion so that you could modify the 4 way screen to see your oil & boost pressures, voltage etc it could be offered as a simple to enable addon.
Michael S 02/27/2013
If i could have got the 5 speed manual on my 2012 Titanium, i would have.

It wasn't an option :(

I wouldn't miss it so much if i had freakin paddle shifters on the steering wheel instead of a little dippy rocker switch on the shifter knob. Who green lighted that? I screwed up my wrist holding my hand at a weird angle doing manual shifts on a 4 hour drive up to a cottage. Such an unnatural position.