Air Conditioned Seats

By Dave K.

Lexsus has a COOL idea that has really taken off around hear.
Especially the women!
Air Conditioned Leather Seats.
On a Hot summer day nothing is quite as nice.
You Heat them in the winter(and who doesn't love that) but in the summer
trying to peel your backside off that Hot leather isn't any fun either.
So Lets pull those Lexsus customers in too!
check out the Rear window pop-up sunscreen as well
It's a nice feature for other resons as well!!!
Michael L 07/25/2012
2013 ford explorer limited has cooled perforated leather seats
art h 03/14/2012
Cave just go to the ford site and go to the build one and you will find it there
Hudson High 01/24/2012
Ford has had this option in its cars for almost 10 years now...
Dave Keller 01/20/2012
I might be behind the times everyone but I've looked for ac leather seats and never found them as an option. Can anyone show me the
reference as the option on Fords sites or package options?
Keir 01/19/2012
Ford already has these and has for years
Salesmen 01/19/2012
ford has ac seats in a many vehicles
art hansen 01/19/2012
My Taurus SHO has both those options
Brad Krekelberg 01/18/2012
I seriously looked at the MKZ for this reason, but Lincolns are just too expensive for me. I'd love it if I could have cooled seats on my Focus!