additional seat padding needed in the 2013 Escape

I visited the Auto Show today in Detroit; January 19, 2012. Your exhibit area was outstanding in comparison to your competitors. The Escape really caught my eye. I am in the mode of purchasing a new vehicle and kept coming back to the 2013 Escape. There were several on display that was a plus with the introduction of a new vehicle. It will no doubt be a big seller for Ford. Would you please forward the following comment to the engineers and designers in the seating department. Everything about the vehicle that I and others discussed about the new Escape was positive with one exception; the seats. The seat bottoms are not comfortable. There is not enough cushion/padding. Simply sit in a comparable Subaru Outback and you can really feel the difference; especially after a couple of minutes. Before the Escape goes into full production mode, I and others want to give you this feedback. There is plenty of legroom and the 10 way adjustable seat is wonderful. Please listen to this important issue of comfort in the seat bottoms. That is the only negative item we discovered in the vehicle; but quite paramount nonetheless. If you can create a more comfortable seat, I may purchase two Escapes. One possibility; make the cushioning of the seats in the upper trim levels such as the Titanium and have an up-charge for the luxury. Americans want this type of vehicle with all the gadgets and gizmos, but comfort is extremely important. Please give me some feedback on this issue as several visitors at the show were also commenting on the above.
Ryan 07/15/2013
As an owner of a 2013 Escape Titanium awd, I can concurr the front seats need some work. One only needs to look to the Chevrolet and gmc competitors to see what good seats feel and look like. Also the Mazda CX-5 has excellent seat comfort. I am suprised Ford did not make seats wide or soft enough to be truly competitive in this hot segment. Making the seat cushion a bit longer would also please my 6'0" frame even more. While you are at it, can you please make the hood stronger so it doesn't bounce around when driving? The metal is very thin, and the hod has no support near the wiper blades. It takes either some strong wind or small bumps and the hood just jiggles and jiggles.
Tomma Todd 01/13/2013
I have been looking at purchasing the new 2013 ford escape but the uncomfortable small front seats are keeping me from purchasing it. I currently owna 2010 ford escape and have owned a 2005 escape. I have now looked at the chevy equinox and the seats are much better. I hope ford takes notice and corrects this seat issue in the 2014 escape.
James Oliphant 02/07/2012
Sorry to learn of the 2013 Escape's uncomfortable front seats, as I have been eagerly awaiting the release of and opportunity to purchase a 2013 Escape as my next vehicle - save for one possible drawback or hold up - namely, is black the only interior color available on the Titanium model, regardless of exterior color. That seems to be the case from info in the pre-release configurator. I recently attended Memphis Auto Show where a 2013 Escape was on display, but the Ford rep there did not know the answer to this question. PLEASE make available some interior colors in addition to black (especially some in the beige field). I just do not like any vehicle's black interior; makes interior too dark; makes me feel too enclosed, smothered, trapped as compared to lighter interior colors. I enjoyed seeing the 2013 Escape on display in Memphis but unfortunately for maximum public exposure and information sharing, it had no doors open and was on an elevated, restricted access display stand, all of which precluded interior viewing - hence my not gaining knowledge of the seat padding problem - another potential drawback to the 2013 Escape's being the vehicle which most nearly fulfills all my automotive needs. I do hope that you will correct any seat deficiencies and make available interior colors in addition to black before the Escape is released for sale this spring. Jim Oliphant
Lenore Hiscoe 01/24/2012
I agree, good idea.