ADA Compliance Vehicals

By Carl A.

Ford could take a huge leap ahead of all competiitors with the development of a vehical that would make transfering a ford customer from a wheel chair to the vehical seat. Including large door openings, a seat on a swival base (left or right front seat) and multiposition, arm rest, seat belt harness system that would help support and secure the customer. Trunk space to accomdate the wheel chair.
With the advanced age of the WWII baby boomers, disabled veterans, and persons with health complicated deficits, more and more customers will need the added convenience of this style of vehical. (Note, MY wife, age 57 had a stroke om 3/1/12 and is left side paralysed and usually takes 2-3 people to transfer her into a vehical).
Ray T 05/30/2012
They have. The Transit connect. It is the only production vehicle that can take a passenger in a wheel chair. They missed DOT specs by 2" in rear door opening height. It is the only vehicle off the production line that comes close without a $20,000 after market install.

Now if they put a motor that gets more than 20 MPG like the european diesel at 70 MPG. A radio that doesn't sound like a 7 transistor of the 70's and managed the rear door without the hanging latch that hits you in the head when in a wheel chair.