A truck for the car driver.

Many people love driving trucks, but they don't need all the qualities normally associated with trucks. I don't need to haul thousands of pounds. Maybe a sheet of plywood, or something similar. I don't have a travel trailer, but do have a small boat. I don't need a huge engine that gets 15 miles per gallon. What I would like is a truck that looks like a normal truck, but is geared more for the average car driver. I love the looks and feel of a truck, but don't need all the truck traits. If you could come up with a truck like that, I think you would sell millions. My friends all think the same thing.
If you had a truck that got at least 25 miles per gallon, I would buy one right now. I love trucks, but am not a millionaire. So please give this idea some thought.

Thank You,

Tom Mulvany
Jake J 08/15/2013
Simple: Ford F100 and also a hybrid version.
J. Harley M 06/29/2013
Bang on, bud!