A new two door or four door Sport Trac

Ford is the only company that doesn't make a small truck. I bought a 2003 and i have a 2007 Sport Trac and really love it. Ford should make a new small truck with two door or four door and call it the F 100. Install the 2.0 Ecobooster engine, or even a hybrid engine in the new F 100, with a 6 speed transmission, front wheel drive or AWD. I had a big 150 with 4x4 and my wife hunt her back by getting out of the truck and stepping in snow on the running board, and she fell on the ground two different times. So that why i love small four door truck. When you step out of the small truck your feet hit the ground without getting out of the truck. Today if I wanted a new small truck i would have to buy a foreign truck to replace my 2007 Sport Trac. Please make a new small Ford truck. Thank You!