a better pick up

By Herb D.

We're getting to the age that it's difficult getting in and out of our F150. I'd love to see Ford bring a small or mid size pickup to the USA. I understand that Europe has the Ranger still and a Diesel engine version. I would love to see this come now!  I want to keep a pickup but I'm faced with buying the new Chevy Colorado (ugh).  Damn Ford screwed up when then dropped the Ranger. It was inevitable because they never updated it properly. We need acrew cab Ranger diesel. Man would that be sweet.
By the way why don't you accept all caps? are you afraid of being yelled at?
Adam W 01/21/2014
I think a midsize truck is what is needed. Something to compete with the Tacoma, new Canyon and Colorado Crew cabs. They could also offer a regular cab trim for customers who need fleet trucks or just a smaller pickup without luxury.
James L Foote Jr 01/08/2014
have  2013 F-150 Raptor=== 6.2 gas == A   6.7 Diesel  would  have  twice  the  torque  &  get  better  fuel  mileage  -==   the   engines  will  interchange  very  easily == sincerly   a   Ford  Owner    == Got  my  first  Ford == 1947 ==Have  built  Vehicles  that  have  run  on   drag  strips  & Bonneyville  Salt  Flats   ==== Sincerely  Ford  Owner  === Now  Have  2013  F-150 SVT Raptor ===   
Juston P 01/04/2014
I agree, but if Ford does a new Ranger in the U.S.A. then it needs to be a true mini truck. None of this mid size market stuff. A truck that with an Eco Boost 1.6, or 2.0 and the 3.2 Power Stroke Diesel all available with a 6 speed, Large display screen in cab that bluetoths to our cell phone Navagation programs... Like google maps etc... An all wheel drive would be my choice since I don't do offroading with my vehicle much but do like to hit the ski slopes and drive to the remote areas to unload the trailer with our off road go karts and dirt bikes, mountain bikes etc...