4x4 Ride Height

By Jim J.

I personally know several 4x4 pickup owners that have purchased a competor's pickup due solely to the higher ride height of the current F150. In today's market many people want the convenience of 4x4 (think snow, not Baja) and the utility of a pickup, but do not want a ladder to get in. A standard suspension, lower by 3-4" (equal to 4x2?) with all other features the same would be ideal. A "heavy duty" suspension could be offered that is exactly the height of current Ford F150 4x4s. Personally, I'm thinking of purchasing a new F150 4x4. It's very first stop will be a suspension shop for lowering to a more "normal" height - and I'm 6'2".
Pete D 09/22/2012
I appreciate the stock hight on my F-150 4x4. I would NOT want it to be lower. I'm guessing most folks like the body clearance; as evidenced by how many "prerunner-style" 2x4 pickups are on the road. The main advantage being their 4x4 like hight. Don't mess with a good thing, Ford.
Tim 08/20/2012
I own a 2010 F150 and you are absolutely right the climb in and out is terrible. Also they removed the grab handle from the pillar post and that makes it even harder you have to pull yourself up and in by grasping the stering wheel.
Cody M 08/17/2012
Why would you want a lower truck? It's a TRUCK... If you want a low 4x4 then buy a Subaru.
Mark B 08/15/2012
Absolutely right regarding height! Shopping for a truck and already skipped Dodge and Ford becasue even with steps it's ridiculous. My wife hated the Ford ingress/egress. Used to be able to easily reach in to the bed to get at things. Not any more. I'm not a Chevy guy (I actually was Mopar for a long time) but they actually have a truck with 4x4 you can easily get in and out of and take things in/out of the bed without needing a boost or a man step.