3rd row seat's

By Joe T.

My wife and i love the new explorer having owned several in the past but we have no need for 3rd row seat' s and would like the extra cargo room without them.
Amy Warriner 02/19/2012
I like the 3rd row seats, coming from a mini van, and having children. But, I would like if the seats folded down into the floor when not in use for better cargo space.
R Thomas 06/11/2011
I agree with Joe; the 3rd row should be an extra cost option. They only fit children comfortably and those with children would still have the 3rd row option, if desired.
Boss 06/07/2011
I know the Eddie bauer didn't use to have a third row, i'm not sure about the new ones though. Also i think all SUV's should have at least an optional third row so people with several kids don't have to drive mommy-mobiles