2016 P-51 Mustang Edition


You have forgottn about the true originality of our Mustang. The first Mustang every built was a prototype named after the P-51 Mustang, an iconic World War II fighter plane that dominated the skies against the futile German BF-109. It also helped protect our B-17 bombers that delivered the payloads to win the war. This plane is a symbol to the American people, and so is our mustang. They fit together like two pees in a pot. People want their mustangs to have this resemblence. I see it everday, people go out of their way to put P-51 decals on their mustangs because they love the originality! You could invent a whole new "muscle car", a whole new concept. My suggestion is to modify one of your already made 6.2 Liter diesel engines to fit in a mustang like body style. This would give it the true Americana Originality, look , and feel! Not to mention how realiable and fast it would be! I have ideas!
Michaela T 03/31/2014
Great idea