2015 Mustang PP Wheels.

By Sean S.

Please give the option of Tarnish-Painted, Dark Stainless-Painted and/or Premium Luster Nickel-Painted wheels for the Performance Package GT. They only show the option of black painted for the 19x9 and 19x9.5 upgrade.
Bob T 11/13/2014
I could not agree more. I want everything the GT pp offers except for those black wheels. I personally think the color detracts from the car. People should have the option of a different color or be able to pass on the wheel part of the package.
Sean C 11/07/2014
Yes to the above!
Joe 11/06/2014
Please Ford give us the option from the factory to order the gunmetal PP wheels instead of the shiny black PP wheels. 15' Mustang fans are begging for this...please take a look at the forums including mustang 6 g this appears to be the #1 complaint about the black PP wheels they are too hard to maintain and keep shiny and clean.
Richard R 11/06/2014
Please, please, please, please offer some options on the PP Gt package.  Those wheels are terrible!
ry1980 11/06/2014
Sorry, but don't care for black wheels at all. It would be nice to have an option to choose. I do like almost all of the wheelchoices, both standard and optional, on GT premium.
patrick 11/06/2014
I specifically bought a non PP becasue of the black wheels. I wanted everything it offered but had to have the 20" foundry wheels. The car is white.
Justin 11/06/2014
I actually searched this out because it's the #1 complaint in Mustang forums. Enthusiasts all want the performance package, but black wheels are very divisive. Personally I dislike them as they hide the wheel design, even though they're very in vogue on modern cars. Offering the same wheel with a dark stainless finish or similar, even for an extra cost, would get a LOT of people to buy the performance package. I've followed Mustangs for a long time, and the 2011-2014 Brembo/Track Pack wheels are the most popular OEM wheels you've released in a decade - even the takeoff market on them is great. I'll be ordering a 2015, but my $2500 will probably go to Vossen/Steeda/whoever for wheels rather than the PP.
Don L 07/07/2014
Not everyone likes the high gloss black option. Please include more options for those of us who want to upgrade, but don't want black wheels. Although they look good with some colors, they don't look good with all of the colors. How about giving us that gunmetal color option that we've already seen.