2015 Mustang Offer a credit when purchasing PP & 50th AP Wheels

By Don L.

Offer a credit for wheels not received for those of us purchasing a new 2015 Mustang with both the 50th anniversary package, and the Performance Package (PP). The 50th anniversary appearance package costs $1,595 and includes unique 19" chrome wheels, and the EB PP costs $1,995 and includes upgraded black 19" wheels. According to the order guide, and the Build & Price website, the PP wheels/tires trump the 50th package wheels when both are ordered together, but no mention is made about the price overlap. We are paying for an upgraded set of 19" wheels that we are not receiving. How much are they worth? You decide, but please credit us the difference.
Michael W 08/25/2014
You currently pay the full price for both packages when combining the two but only end up with one set of wheels. It seems like a wheel delete option with a credit should appear on the invoice.
Jake S 07/27/2014
Could we at least get the tires from the 50th Appearance Package, that way we have tires to put on for the winter? Summer tires from the Performance Package won't do me ANY good during the Winter here in Michigan.
Jake S 07/25/2014
Yes, I noticed the same thing yesterday. Please correct this Ford!
martin s 07/12/2014
I agree. Same issue here! Ford please fix this