2015 mustang

When the 2005 mustang first came out everyone's jaws dropped ! A few years later dodge brought back the charger then the challenger. Chevy came back with a Camaro. The mustang retro look is what everyone loves and I hear 2015 for the 50th anniversary it's going to be based off the Evos. It's a nice car but its not a mustang. I heard you guys want the mustang to attract a younger audience . I own a 2008 Shelby while I have around 5 other friends with the new body style mustangs all customized. I feel the retro look is what everyone likes so why get rid of if ? The corvettes since 84 look not much different because its what sells and everyone loves that style . I just don't want history repeating itself like it did in 74 when the mustang was ruined ad so far the 05-09 mustang resembled a 69 and the 2013 resembles a 70 ... I would love to buy a brand new mustang 50th anniversary but I'm not going to buy it if its an Evos.