2014 Fusion

One has to look at the all new Lincoln MKZ and realize what a few extra dollars could get them instead of the current Fusion and its lack of features. So for 2014 Fusion I would like to see... HID headlamps (std on Hybrid and Titanium, opt on other trims) with LED features. LED fog lamps. Retractable panoramic roof (or panoramic sunroof feature) (opt) the big echo boost engine. The V6 engine. The six speed manual tranny on all trims and engines.
Heated steering wheel (std Titanium opt on others) heated rear seats (Std Titanium opt on others) cooled front seats (std Titanium opt on others) the three colour leathers of the MKZ available on the Fusion, not just black as standard. We aren't driving a 1990's Honda.
THX sound system... Get rid of the Sony all together. Seriously.
All in all a major revamp is already do for the Fusion and it isn't even a few months old.
Bill B 08/05/2013
I've been a Ford fan for as long as I can remember, nevertheless if they won't offer the V6 in the Fusion I will definitely go Toyota or Honda.
Raj S 06/27/2013
I pre ordered my 2014 FFH Titanium.
I got information from my dealer/Ford folks that in 2014 Titanium model there wont be any HID Headlights or Dual Integrated exhaust or any Wheel (Rim) option
I was really hoping to get those features in 2014 model.. that would give it a premium look over the other base models & HID headlights adds overall safety feature.
Martin Matko 06/18/2013
Researching the 2014 Fusion exterior colors is disappointing. The choices lack shades of gold, taupe, steel blue, off white, or soft yellows . Instead you offer 3 shades of gray , 2 shades of red, and sunset (orange). A 4 door family sedan in orange really ?
No rich paint hues are really offered, its not too late to add some more color options.
Ryan 05/04/2013
I agree with the manual option on the different engine selections, but has anyone actually driven the new fusion? It's phenomenal. The 1.6L with the stick is a blast to drive, but definitely leaves some to be desired. The 2.0L is a dream, even with only paddle shifters. To Bob.K's point, if you didn't already know there was a turbo-4 under the hood, you would have never figured it out driving. Just as much power as a 6-cyl and it gets better mileage. If they put the 6-cyl in it, its mileage would sink to Explorer like levels (something that shouldn't be tolerated in the global platform prized on MPG) For year 1 out of the gate with a new Fusion, Ford hit the ball out of the park. Be thankful for that
Seth R 03/26/2013
If Ford made all of those improvement, maybe they would be the top seller in the midsize sedan category. Maybe even through in a few extra features like active city stop, or traffic sign recognition.
Bob K 03/22/2013
Driving a 2010 Fusion Sport AWD with a V6. When I get ready to replace it, I will only buy a car with a V6... no turbo 4s! Hope Ford puts the V6 in the Fusion because it looks a lot better than the Lincoln.
Samuel J 03/20/2013
The entire point of having the MKZ with those features is to provide a reason to buy it over the Fusion! If we made the Fusion the same car as the MKZ, nobody would buy it!
Justin McGarry 03/14/2013
UMMMMM i totally agree this car would be legit if it had those features that would be going well an beyond what the other car makers offer