2014 Fusion HID/LED headlights

Most of the Fusion's competitors offer better lighting technologies, which is why Ford should consider some upgrades to the 2015 Fusion models! The 2015 Fusion should be available with Adaptive HID headlights, allowing for better night driving and to look sharp and to stand out from the crowd! It should also include LED daytime running lights, like the new Mondeo in Europe, for better daytime visibility to other drivers and to make it look distinctive. These headlights should be standard on all TITANIUM models and available on all SE models.
Brian 08/19/2014
I agree.  I was all set to buy a Fusion Titanium and backed out when I realized it did not have HID lights.  Ford is making a big mistake here for those of us whose night vision is not what it used to be when I was younger.  My daughter's Mazda has HID lights and costs way less.  Too bad Ford.
Joseph B 08/08/2014
Agreed with the above 100%. Front exterior lighting is one the cars few design flaws. Better exterior lighting would improve safety, plus they give the car a much better look, one worthy of the great design it already has.