2014 Focus

The 2013 Focus added some nice touches... Now for the 2014 model lets see a 6 speed manual (who uses 5 speeds anymore?) and lets see LED running lamps and tail lamps. Quit falling behind again Ford!
Chance F 01/18/2013
The '13 Focus ST has a 6 speed manual, though the final drive ratio is not about economy. Very quick little car though.
Derik 01/13/2013
More foot room for us people with size 14 feet. Move the emergency brake handle back and slim the center console in that area to give more side to side leg room. Increase sound deadening material. Need a 6 speed manual. These are the reasons I didn't buy the 2013 Focus.
Milton S 12/28/2012
LED taillights are awesome, but when one LED doesn't work, or moisture gets in the lens (like my buddy's Camry), you have to replace the whole think tail light fixture.
Brad B 12/28/2012
Hey Dustin ! I can go along with the 6-SPD, better fuel economy. But the LEDs can't go there. I've seen way to many nice cars with great looks made to look cheap with LED taillights.
Daou H 12/28/2012
I agree. with you totally 6 speed manual, led taillights, hid available on all models.
Ervin G 12/28/2012
sounds real to me
Ricky N 12/28/2012
leave the 6 speed for the perfomance models. the led lighting would be nice but should only be an upgrade option.
Walter O 12/28/2012
I do not own a manual though I bet a six speed manual would be great. LED lamps are chic and very bright. That is where technology is now headed and would like them on my next ford.
Herman P 12/28/2012
6 speed not so much but the LED's a good idea surprised they are not already used
Mike S 12/28/2012
Can't wait for 350HP Focus, but will it be AWD???