2013 Fusion Wagon

By Neil A.

OK, I'm early 30's, family man, with a dog. From a car I want, Performance, Sports styling, customisation, more than 35mpg combined, oh and of course, and the space in the boot to fit a small army.
Make and distribute the Ford Fusion Wagon and I guarentee it'll sell bucket loads, starting with me!!
Let users select from a wider range of wheels, maybe even a styling pack similar to the Skoda Octavia blackout package?

Oh and do it soon! If Esates (Wagon's) sell in Europe they'll sell in North America. People don't want gas guzzling suv's they want sporty stylish wagons. Give the people what they want!!
James S 05/02/2014
Michael H 12/26/2013
Sport wagon with MT, 4-cyl turbo - please!
greg f 12/25/2013
I have a 2001 Focus Wagon with 255,000 miles that I have been hanging onto because Ford currently has NO brand new wagons on the US market. The Focus and C-Max hatchbacks are too short behind the front seat to fit my bicycle inside. If Ford sold either a Focus or Fusion wagon, I would buy within the first year or two that it was for sale.
paul s 12/19/2013
There are no mid size wagons offered in North America, with the exception of the E series Mercedes and Cadillac cts (both of which are not affordable for most buyers). I agree with Neil A. that the Fusion wagon would be popular here now that people are more fuel conscious. Not to mention that the Mondeo wagon that the Fusion is based on is a gorgeous car. There are many of us who want both the functionality and handling that a wagon provides. As Neil said “Give the people what they want”.
red wagon 12/02/2013
Make it a plug in hybrid sport wagon !!! 
Clayton Fulkerson 11/07/2013
I have been waiting for a wagon to replace my 2000 Sable wagon. The Fusion would be great, but domestic manufacturers are reluctant to import the beautiful wagons they offer to Europeans. I refuse to buy a sport utility vehicle.
William M 11/05/2013
Wagons can be tricked out with proper wheels, two tone paint options, chrome packages, etc. redo the late 50's, early 60's models, and you'll have a winner.
Arnold R 10/15/2013