Please sell a 2013 Ford FUSION model that offers a 2 DOOR SLANTED BACK HATCHBACK with a 6 CYLINDER ENGINE and ALL WHEEL DRIVE. Four or five total seating. The backseat should fold down flat into trunk area. Together with that beautiful NEW FRONT GRILL & FACE, this model would draw buyers from across very many car class categories from the American, European and Asian competition, sell alot more Fusions, yet leaving Mustang intact as a higher performance category.
Scott S 04/02/2013
I dont agree that is should be 2 doors. less doors = less utility
Debra H 05/28/2012
Please do this!!
kenneth messing 04/11/2012
I would buy one.
Dave H 02/12/2012
Great idea. Love my 83 mustang GT with the hatch. Could haul anything and still looked great.
Jason Jungemann 02/07/2012
Very sharp. I would buy that. Great idea!!
Frank D 02/01/2012
To clarify the hatchback design, slanted, in meaning fastback sloped rear window hatchback design.