2013 Fusion Hybrid appearance options lacking

By Kyle G.

I was very disappointed to find out that only ONE wheel was offered on the 2013 Fusion Hybrid with the luxury package and leather seats. I know there are 3 wheels offered (none of which look as good as the Titanium wheel that's not offered on the Hybrid for some reason) but those 3 options are dwindled down to only ONE tiny 17" option with the luxury package with leather. I really hope you will be offering the titanium wheel or at the very least the 5 star wheel on the hybrid, if not I will not be buying the car and I imagine a lot of others have the same feeling. The titanium wheel you use in almost all of the advertising material is beautiful, why is it only offered on one model? Please change this!! Thanks.
Kyle G 10/22/2012
I believe it's $495 for the upgraded wheels. Although what I want is the 19" wheels.
PK 09/27/2012
So Ford will let you get the luxury package on the hybrid and still allow you to buy the 18" wheels a la carte? If so, how much do they want for the wheels?
Kyle G 08/02/2012
I since have found out that the 18" painted wheel is offered with this package, but I still wish the 19" titanium wheel was an option.