2013 ford excursion

I think ford should bring back the ford excursion. i mean, you guys are always bragging about how the super duty gets killer mileage. and suv's supposedly gets better gas mileage than trucks. so, why not do it? it could be like a one year thing where you could roll them out in limited supply. please take this into consideration. as i really need one.
Vincent Y 02/01/2013
I would buy a 6.7 2013 Excursion right now, tonight, no doubt. Ford finally has the engine right, it's time to bring back the Suburban Killer!!!
David C 01/06/2013
i think,this would be a perfert idea , to have an 8-9 passager vechile ,that would tow up to 11,000 lbs, that would give the power and and a comfortable ride,
Rod P 01/03/2013
There are companies cutting new F-250's in half and putting on an Excursion bodies. I would love to see Ford bring the Excursion back.
Chris S. 12/28/2012