2013 Escape Titanium Interior

By Bill W.

I would like to buy a 2013 Escape Titanium FWD. I do not want the charcoal black interior. I live in Texas and it does get "HOT" here. I have ask the dealer here if I could get the Titanium with MEDIUM LIGHT STONE interior. The 2013 Escape SE and SEL has the option of the Medium Light Stone interior. The dealer states that is the only color that Ford installs in the Titanium is the Charcoal Black interior. I do have a 2010 Escape Limited now with black interior and it does get a lot hotter with that color interior, than it does with a lighter color. So my question is, can I get a 2013 Escape Titanium FWD with the option of Medium Light stone interior? It would sell a lot better than the Charcoal Black interior here in Texas and other states that have that option. Thanks, Bill Williamson
Dan 05/02/2013
I agree. I'm looking at Ford Fusion and would like the Titanium trim level. But that forces me to a black interior. Which is something I really do not want. Too hot in the summer. Hard to see things when you drop them.
Melvin S 01/21/2013
2013 Fusion Energi is the same way - only black interior
David 12/06/2012
I was set to order one until I found out black was the only choice. They are missing the boat on this!!
Pajama G 10/24/2012
I absolutely agree! I lived in Houston and know what you mean!
I would have bought a 2013 Fusion Titanium, but did not consider it because it also only comes with black interior.
My wife's eyesight is such that she has a difficult time seeing dark objects on dark backgrounds.