1969 Lincoln Continental

By Niko H.

Why don't you guys manufacture the 1969 Lincoln Continental. Same body style same everything. I guarantee you there will be people on a wait list to buy it.
Devin S 06/25/2013
My favorite cars of all time would have to be the continental. Unibody for safety, quality, and sexiness. I would do anything to get a 69 continental. This speaks to quality, whats "built ford tough" mean if everything is frame and fiberglass construction now? skip the gimmicky, cheap, japanese production style of cheap cars made of plastic. I can buy Hotwheels/Matchbox cars any day of the week. I want a real vehicle, one I can hold onto, take care of enjoy. I miss the ford/lincoln/mercury quality that use to exist in 60/70 model cars prior to unibody crap. Show us FORD quality... people will notice. Have Clint Eastwood do the commercial for it again he can represent american values, quality, pride, and hard work... The Continental.