zf transmission

By Jeff S.

Currently own 4 super duties. and 1 c2500 chevy. May be my last. No standard transmission. No buy. I work my trucks by carrying 2,000 to 4,000 lbs daily. delivering nails. I believe that the simpler the truck; the fewer things I have to worry about. I love my personal 2008 6.4 diesel standard, 8'. I drive standard shift on the doctors recommendations. Arthritis in ankles loosens when i drive standard truck. Even if I can afford your top of the line car; I will not buy a car without a frame. Guess I will keep on driving trucks for personal use also. OR switch to GM or Dodge. ( good luck there I'm told.) Ever had to replace an automatic at 100k. Expensive. Standards usually last me the life of the engine.
I even was looking for a f-150 v6 standard for my wife. can't find?? She wants standard. Ended up with a Jeep instead. MAKE standard shifts available again. Chalk it up to advertising expenses or broadening Fords appeal.