ZF 6-speed manual

By Josh W.

Hey Ford, Listen i heard rumors that the 6-speed auto is problemic n The ZF 6-speed manuals are STILL IN HUGE DEMAND and need to be reoffer so Ford People n Loyal customers like me dont have to buy RAMS trucks , The ZF 6-speed would be better equipped with the 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel cause Manuals n Diesels work well togther like the big rigs you dont see many auto big rigs as often manual ones also you have better Control of towing loads n stress , makes for funner for the driver , great on the highway , So can you please reoffer the ZF 6-speed manual OD back in the ford super duty F250-F550 again Thanks Josh Woermke a die hard Ford Super Duty n Power stroke n ZF 6-speed Fan
Guy K 08/21/2012
Same issue in the Mustang transmissions.