ZF 6-speed

By Josh W.

can you guys reoffer the ZF 6speed manual again? We need it back in the F-250 -F550 Super Duty trucks cause we WANT manual in our FORD trucks not POS automatics So Ford can you please reoffer the ZF 6-speed back with the Powerstroke Diesel ? since the now deceased ranger was the last manual truck n it will bring back loyal customers to you (Ford) like me .So Do the right thing for you Customers n loyal die hard ford fans REOFFER THE ZF 6-SPEED MANUAL with the 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel cause Manual n Diesel work well then auto do
Lewis C 12/08/2012
Lewis C 12/06/2012
i want to buy a truck, my mom doesnt want me to have a used truck, but i REFUSE to buy auto, i hate them!

FORD!!!! BRING BACK MANUAL TRUCKS!!!!!!!!! please!!!
I would order one immediately. It is a shame , GM and Dodge offer manual transmissions in HD trucks. Iam ready to buy, but I WILL NOT BUY AN AUTOMATIC in a work truck and I am not alone. Some people enjoy driving with a standard transmission and having the control of the power train. The manual button on the automatic gear shift is not the same. I do really hope this is changed in the near future. We have never owned anything but Ford products.