you should put the revoknuckle technology on all of your cars

By Greg D.

well it is something that you have in place already and it would d,make your cars drive substantially better. just use the knuckle technology that you use in the ford focus rs. and spread the cost into all of your front drive vehicles and instead of having the Taurus as a front well drive it should bean rear wheel drive vehicle that is combined and based on the ford falcon to better level the cost between vehicles.
danish a 06/29/2013
Excellent idea . Ford does not have a RWD platform for 4 door cars . Chrysler and GM have some kind of variable valve lift technology and rwd platforms with double wishbones and superstruts in the front. Ford has neither of those and still utilises traditional macphersons in the front!! Just an isolated subframe will is not helping the Lincoln brand either. Thats damaging to their sales . Ford needs an overhaul . Installing the revoknuckle technology on all of your cars is a very good start .