You can't fit an Elephant in a Mouse hole

3 drop down links on the Ford web page talk about the Ranger as a winner for the current markets it is in. These Rangers have the cutting edge technology that make them winners in all respects. Where ever I travel through out the world people like a smaller truck, that is part do to the technology and the fuel economy. The F-Series is just too big for many people that have small garages in America. Ford already has the Ranger running around the rest of the world, so many miss the Ranger because it was a good fit. I hear testimonies of people who love their Rangers and can't figure out why Ford doesn't build one here? It was the perfect fit for many people, it would sell if we did the things to give it the gas milage.  Ford try it with eco-boost and upgraded features, if you build it right, they will buy it. 
It is not the Elephant and will fit into the mouse hole nicely and be a winner.
Joe Y 05/05/2014
I own a 1994 Ford Ranger and the thing has been good to me. I drool when I look at the global ranger pictures and specs. I would have been more excited to buy that midsize diesel ranger than when I bought my Focus ST.