When will you build a small truck

Many guys like myself don't need a "work truck" as much as a fun truck. The ranger of mazda loar is gone but where's it's replacement? Toyota dominates this market in WY with a way overpriced truck. I'm a country boy but the city folk must be demanding this too. PS. I said TrucK not car chassis with big tires. Think "something that can be lifted and off roaded". Or better still a smaller lighter version of your kick'n Raptor.
Paul White 09/15/2013
the "Screaming Yellow" needs to be returned to the Ford Mustang colors lineup!!!
Lucci 09/10/2013
Ford offers the new Ranger in the UK with two variants of diesel engines! Why not here as well?
Robert T 09/05/2013
The Ranger is gone gone gone. What Ford cares about today is how many songs the "in synk" can hold.
steve 08/31/2013
i am looking for a small pickup truck. I would love to by another Ranger, but that is not possible. I am looking at the Tacoma, I would rather buy a Ranger. I have a 98 Ranger now. Bought it new and still going, I am loyal to Ford but I can not and don't need an F150. Hope to see the ranger back soon or it will be a Toyota.
Ervin G 08/31/2013
ranger size 4 wd ext. or 4 dr. cab w fuel efficient gas or preferably diesel engine. within one year o k.