What is Performance Without a Manual Transmission??

By Omar M.

Please offer ALL Engines especially the EcoBoost engines which spell high performance on the dime with a manual transmissions. I am very happen to see Ford moving in the right direction for style, performance and quality. However, I see the fun factor is going for Ford without a good manual transmission for the customer looking for performance. Example, the newTaurus SHO no manual transmission is offered, Fusion only 4 cyclinder offers a manual transmission and the Explorers none is offered. Please check your competition like Audi, BMW, Nissan Altima _Maxima, Cadillac CT Vett, Jeep and Dodge. Its seems if you choose to go 6 cyclinder the fun factor is gone to an automatic transmission for Ford. Please Ford Engineers and Executives please make manual transmission available again. i also saw the concept of the new Bronco real boxy 2 doors(Real Nice Design) which i think would be aimed at the Jeep buyers but most all the Jeeps come with a manual transmission offering.
John L 03/29/2013
Yes Please!
William M 01/10/2013
Ford needs to understand that drivers, real drivers who really enjoy driving want a stick, Its that simple FORD!!!!!!
With each passing year, fewer drivers know how to drive a standard trans.. I love my 2002 Focus SVT with a Steeda short shift!!! The new ST Focus is a dream.. I'd buy one.. if there was a 3-door offered!!
Dustin M 12/19/2012
Agree 100% I'm probably going to the competition for my next car because of this. Not sure where fords head is at these days.
chris v 12/03/2012
If you can't drive a manual or don't drive a manual you really should not be driving. What constitutes a good driver? Someone who can drive with finesse while manually changing gears and who does not need to constantly hit the brakes to slow their vehicle. If you can judge distances and anticipate how much you will need to slow down and do so by downshifting, you are a good driver. I am in the market for a new truck and would like to buy a Ford F-150. By the looks of it, they no longer sells cars to drivers. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
AMEN!! I want a manual option for all cars.
Dustin M 11/12/2012
Agree 100 percent! The manual market is making a comeback and more and more vehicles are putting manuals in their vehicles... AWD ones too! It's funny that American made cars are now pulling the manuals out of them... a little too late.